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Borehole Pressure-Temperature Permanent Monitoring System

The Sabeus Field SenseTM BHPt (borehole pressure/temperature) system is an optical sensor system offering  low drift and high accuracy, requiring no recalibration between well interventions for multi-zone real-time permanent monitoring of borehole pressures and temperatures in injector, production or observation wells as part of intelligent well completion.  


The BHPt sensor is run in as part of production tubular and can provide temperature and pressure inside and outside the annulus.


Sabeus has accumulated over ½ million cumulative field service hours in upstream reservoir monitoring applications without a single downhole failure of its gauges.

BHPt systems comprise three principal elements:

a) The topside Surface Readout Unit (SRU) which includes the lasers, optical switch, computers, software, various power options, communications modules, cabling and field enclosures (19", NEMA4x and ATEX Ex d IIB + H2, T6 rated enclosure options available for single channel up to 32 fiber channels); and

b) The downhole fiber optic lead cable built to various specifications depending on the operating temperatures inside the well, and how many fibers for BHPt and DTS systems are used in the system.

c) Fiber optic sensor mounted in a gauge carrier which senses single point pressure and temperature measurem...

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