Become a key partner

Commercial companies selling industry related products or services, can upgrade their free content membership and become a Key partner.


Besides the features which are attributed to content partners, Key partners receive additional advantages which increase their companies visibility throughout the platform:

  1. extended company text listing up to 10000 characters including formatting
  2. company logo on your company page and on all your posted product pages.
  3. guaranteed homepage exposure for at least one week after registering as key partner + regular homepage exposute afterwards (>20% of time)
  4. high ranking in industry portal + highlighted company profile.
  5. a cross coupling between your company page on the industry portal and posted products will become automatically generated. In this way, a fast link to your posted products becomes available.  
  6. on all your posted product pages, you will have a link to your other posted products.
  7. your new press releases on your own website will automatically be announced on the 'Business Brief' portal with a link to your press release. 
  8. reduction of € 50 per posted product highlight (€ 100  € 50)
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MEMBERSHIP € 750 / year  
BANNER ON HOMEPAGE € 500 / month
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