For who?

Based on the duality of being a marketing and information platform on the same time, the platform can become beneficial for all actors involved:


End users/customers

End users can find a clear and comprehensive overview of the latest products and different companies serving the optical fiber sensing market without spending too much time in exploring the internet. Furthermore, they can stay easily updated about the latest news, market and technology insights.


Commercial companies

Commercial companies will have the opportunity to market their company and launch their products in front of the right audience without expensive marketing expenditures, and find the right partners for their research projetcs.


Research institutes

Research institutes will be able to communicate their activities and competences in front of the community in order to valorise their expertises and follow up industrial trends on an easy way.


Governmental organisations

Governmental organisations can have a better understanding of the optical fiber sensing landscape and the ongoing developments on industry and research level in order to define their future technology support programs.