Building a community

Optical fiber sensor technologies become nowadays more and more applied into real field applications. Even though the technology awareness has strongly increased during the past years, there still is a major lack in market and technology transparency:

The platform tries to increase the market and technology transparency by establishing a community platform on which all actors active in the optical fiber sensing landscape can submit industry and research related information. 


The platform uses a self-feeding system that allows registered members to submit their information online using a personalised log-in account. In this way, a flexible and fast communication channel towards the optical fiber sensing community and potential end customers can become established.


The platform contains the following portals:

  • news&analyses, providing technology as well as market insights

  • business brief portal, on which companies can post their press releases (title and link)  

  • product portal, on which companies can launch their new products

  • industry portal, where companies present themselves

  • research portal, on which research institutes can list their expertise and activities

  • upcoming events, such as conferences, courses, exhibitions, workshops and lectures

  • related links portal, on which links to other related websites can be found