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GoHz is a manufacturers-based online shop in AC power supply industry to provide solutions for changing regular grid power frequency (50 Hz, 60 Hz), D...
Chiral Photonics develops in-fiber optical components including linear and circular polarizers, sensors, spot size converters, and pitch reducing opti...
PCE Instruments is a manufacturer and supplier of precision measuring instruments, including flow meters, pH testers, humidity meters, control systems...
SCAIME is able to offer a complete range ofmeasurement solutions dedicated to industrialapplications:Load cells,Force sensors,Extensometers,Torquemete...
The13thChinaInternationalOptoelectronicExposition(CIOE2011)willreachatotalexhibitionareaof100,000sqm. The concurrent events include the Precision Opt...
Opsens, a leading manufacturer of fiber optic sensors, introduces the latest advancement in fiber optic sensor technology tomonitor temperature, press...
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Appsen Technologies Incis a hi-tech fiber optic sensing instrumentation and monitoring company.Optical fiber sensors can bring numerous key advantages...
Our BusinessTelecommunication, Information Technology and Security Systems:-TelecommunicationFibreWind installs and manages fibre optic network from p...
Non-Contact Position Measurement using Inductive, Capacitive, Ultrasonic, Fibre Optic and Laser technologies, from 50µm to 500 Metres, resoluti...