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Smart Fibres Ltd

12 The Courtyard
RG12 2XB Bracknell
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 1344 484111
Fax: +44 1344 423241
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Smart Fibres is an ISO-9001 accredited UK Company that has pioneered the development of FBG based optical fiber sensing systems for over 10 years.


With a broad range of FBG sensor and interrogator products, and a wealth of applications knowledge, we have served the World’s leading Companies and Institutes by developing practical FOS solutions in numerous market areas including Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Renewable Energy, Shipping, and Civil Engineering.


Our reference list includes:


Oil wells, Gas Pipelines, Composite and Steel Riser Pipes

Wind Turbines and Marine Current Turbines

Military Aircraft, Rockets and Spacecraft Launchers

Racing Yachts, Container Ships, Oil Tankers and Military Patrol Ships

Power Cables and Civil Infrastructure

Public Buildings and Ancient Monuments

Railway Bridges, Road Bridges and Tunnels


Our current developments are set to make Fiber Optic Sensing more broadly available and economically viable as an asset management tool in a number of key volume sectors. 


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