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Yangtze Optical Electronic Co, Ltd

E3Building Software Park #1 Guanshan Avanuel China Valley, Wuhan, China
430074 Wuhan
Tel: +86-1364-7211-423
Fax: +86-027-8760-8187
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  • Yangtze Optical Electronic Company Ltd. (YOEC) is major in the photonics technology and engages in trading of the specialty fibers and optical fiber sensor components. The company located in  China Optical Valley with a registered capital 4.84million dollars.
  • The core patented product of YOEC is the polarization-maintaining optical fiber coil (App. 201010224305.2), used in the FOG(Gyroscope)and FOCT(fiber optic current transformer).
  • YOEC can provide kinds of specialty fibers.
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